What is Fireballed.org?

It mirrors the pages that are linked to from DaringFireball.net

Who is behind this site?

Brian Stucki at Macminicolo. This site is built on a Mac mini in our data center. It's not affiliated with John Gruber or Apple.

Why did you build it?

When DF links to a page, the linked page will sometimes crumble under the high traffic. I got tired of these dead links. By the time it comes back, I forget why I wanted to read it. So I started this project for myself and since it's mirroring here anyway, I though I'd share it with others.

How do I use it?

All you have to do is change the domain name in the link. So, if the link is "daringfireball.net/linked/page" then you can use "fireballed.org/linked/page" to load the mirror.

Can you make it even easier?

Sure, how about a Safari Extension that puts a "Fireballed?" link next to each article? Here's the Fireballed Safari extension.

Are you getting money from this?

No. Well, not directly. The ad impressions and pagecounts will still count for the original author/site so we're getting nothing from the site content. That'd be stealing. Indirectly, I hope people will see how good a Mac mini is as a server and come use one with my company.

How can I get a hold of you?

Get me on twitter @macminicolo or email me.

Do you have any other random bits of info?

Yes, thanks for asking. This is still a new project, so there may be some errors on certain pages. If that happens, we'll try to figure out what went wrong and get it fixed. If we have your site cached, and you'd rather we not do that for you, just send me a note and I'll delete your page. (Though, keep in mind you'd still show page loads and ad impressions. This is an honest attempt to help from this end.)