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Introducing Nokia Bubbles - A fun and efficient way to unlock your phone and get to what matters

Written by Pauli Asikainen

Bubbles is a fun and efficient way to take a shortcut to timely or useful things on your phone.  Bubbles appears when you press the "Apps" key while your device is in sleep mode (instead of the black screen with clock and unlock button).  Simply grab a bubble and drag it to one of the available drop points to initiate the corresponding action.


There are bubbles available for the following actions.

  • Unlock the phone
  • View new messages
  • View/Respond to missed calls
  • Control the music player
  • Control the FM radio
  • Change profile (profile timing also supported)
  • Call/Message your three best friends
  • Activate the backlight to use as a flashlight
  • Show your current location using Ovi Maps
  • Change the background of the Bubbles screen
  • Display when battery needs charging
  • Display statistics about bubble speed and distance (just for fun)

When I invented the bubbles concept (with my friend Sami) the idea was to have a fun way to unlock the phone. After some thinking it was obvious that bubbles can be used for many other purposes and at the same time have some fun things on your screen. Throwing the bubbles around was one of the first things we did with them. And when you have some event you want to respond to it is very easy and fast to do so.

We would like to know what you think about the Bubbles application. Please try it out and give us feedback and if you have any ideas how bubbles could be enhanced or ideas about new bubbles please tell us that also.

Thanks & have fun.

- Pauli



Downloading looks like a good idea..i hope is stable and functional.

It's obvious that Nokia has the capability to innovate. I hope you keep the good momentum

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9MB. I hope this can be installed to mass memory. Downloading now.

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tried it.....its so cool....hope i doesn't slow anything down

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I guess it is a great application, but too bad that Nokia doesn't care about the customers who have S60V5, because they don't compare at all againts N8, iphone or htc android devices. I personally have X6.

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Very cool but I would like a settings menu somewhere.

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Just installed it , i think it's ok , a great added extra which has added a nice little touch to my N8 . Try Nokia Bubbles ^_^

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working great. Tested at

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i liked the application in the very first look. Its a very good beginning. I just hope that more customization is allowed in the future. Something similar to contacts now, i would probably hope for my favorite apps. Overall, Its a great start. Congrats:)

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Wonderful app!
A nice step towards the new Symbian interface!

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french: pour ma part j'aimerais savoir si vous allez le rendre compatible avec le n97 et meme si vous seriez en mesur de pouvoir rendre adaptable les jeux HD que l'on trouve sur le N8 (asphalt5, avatar, Gt academie...) car ceux comme moi qui on achetté ce telephone il y a apeine un ans se sentent oublier.
on voi de belles applications et de beaux jeux pour le n8 et on sais bien que ce n'est que le début et en contre partit on se rend compte que Nokia fais tout pour faire oublier le N97.
A part ça je tient a vous remercier pour tout ce que vous faites et surtout pour tout ce que vous avez déja fais auparavant.

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It's a gr8 application to use ur phone efficiently and quickly...
Hope that more apps of its kind will be in the market soon from Nokia Beta Labs...
However, i feel that it cud have got possibly more controls and a settings menu...
But Well Done, it's a whole new experience.......!:)

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Fun to use and genuinely useful. The context sensitive bubbles are genius.

My only concern is when driving, catching the lock bubble and throwing it into the unlock action bubble might be somewhat more distracting than the current unlock method.

Yes, the phone is mounted handsfree on my dash before someone has a go for using a phone while driving

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Love it much. It make the symbian lock screen modern again. Like aegisdesign said, there is a real concern when driving.

Maybe in the next update, you can make the unlock button remain at the same place as the normal unlock screen (and we only require to press it to unlock, like the usual). Only other bubbles are moving as they are now...

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It's so great. I've installed it on the C: drive so I'll have no problems when connecting my phone via USB. It's working very smooth and I think it's a very nice app.
I agree with @delanz about making the unlock button going to this new unlock screen and it could be nice having a settings menu.

Great job Nokia!! As always ^^

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Not for S60 ed 5... :(

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Sounds Interesting! Ever for S60v5?


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Looks great! Always been a Nokia user and appreciate the wide range of phones and user interface it offers. Can't stand iPhone and Android gadgets as they are not phones, simply a toy. Keep up the good work, Nokia.

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Damn, this is a cool piece of program you got thar. I hope there will be some sort of setting in some point where I can add/disable some bubbles. Still, I luv it <3

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No functionality for the 5800 Xpress music?

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yes, this sounds like a great idea, and i will test it soon. Thank you.

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yes, this sounds like a great idea, and i will test it soon. Thank you.

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Nokia always busy with N8. They really don't care about S60 3rd and 5th edition OS user. I think my next phone should not be Nokia. Now i'm thinking to buy Iphone or Android.

Nokia losting their customer day by day because of such wrong decition. Now i hate Nokia too much.

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I hope that you could add all the names from Sim card too to that bubble where you can add favorites to call... I have only few names on phones memory and like 90% of names in sim card :)

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I dont know why but Nokia always makes me feel like a moron. I cannot find any information from this site about how to download these applications into my mobile. Seems that everyone else knows so I am starting to think that there is something wrong with me and maybe change to nn.

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A good idea but it needs work. Seems to only install to phone memory on my N8, took 3 tries to get it to install but there was no indication that it had not installed. At this point I can only do the following:

Unlock the phone
Activate the backlight to use as a flashlight
Show your current location using Ovi Maps

Need a settings method - now only shows in installed programs not in menus.

Interesting observation - using the unlock button one can get to most items faster than via bubbles. Anyway I'll keep trying it for a while.

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Lovely program looks great as well.

Once you add contacts to the 3 bubbles (wish there could be more) is it possible to change the contacts and if so how?
I think also the bubbles can also act like a screen saver instead of the black screen with the time and date or is this to save the battery?

My N8 looks great now, thanks great innovation!

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Cheers Nokia,
Yet another piece of software i cant use on my new, sorry, i mean anciant outdated nokia X6 thats far to old to be of any use anymore.

i suppose it has been nearly 3 months since i got my X6, and lets face it, why bother with S60 V5 anyway, when u can just put all ur effort into makin stuff for your shiney new S^3 handsets, well, that is until a few months time when something new will come out and then they will all be in the same boat too.

Dont know why i bother anymore to be honest, when all Nokia is interested in is its latest new thing and couldnt care less about anyone else!

This would be nice on the S60V5, if you can tear yourselves away from your precious S^3 for long enough to port it over.

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